Fine Arts

Fine Arts Minor (18 Credit Hours)

The fine arts minor is designed to provide an interdisciplinary approach to creative human expression for students interested in artistic performance, process and inquiry. Students have flexibility in designing their course of study within the minor and may choose to acquire either an in-depth understanding of a particular art—visual arts, dance, theater, music—or a broader, critical awareness of the visual and performing arts.

Students wishing to earn a fine arts minor will submit a portfolio documenting their creative and/or critical activities at D’Youville College at the end of their program to a committee of three faculty members for evaluation. This personal archive will generally consist of written programs, lists of repertoire studied and performed, samples of creative and/or critical work, and other evidence of creative achievements, including participation in public performances and/or exhibitions, as part of study toward the minor. The portfolio will be integrated into PHI 423 Philosophy of Art.

Five Courses (a minimum of 15 credits), with two at the 300-400 level

DAN-101Introduction to Dance3
DAN-210Introduction to Ballet3
DAN-300Elements of Dance Composition3
DAN-305Dance Performance and Technique3
FA-105Introduction to Photography3
FA-218History of Western Art3
FA-314Art of the Film3
FA-320History of Visual Arts in America3
FA-327Modern Art3
FA-328Art & the Everyday3
FA-330Frank Lloyd Wright & Amer Architecture3
MUS-100Music Appreciation3
MUS-200Appreciation of Music3
MUS-209Intro to the American Musical Theater3
THE-104Theater Production3
THE-202Introduction to Acting3
THE-444Theatre As Outreach3
ENG-213Studies in Drama3

All FA minors are required to take

PHI-423Philosophy of Art3
Total Credits3