Integrated Media Arts

Minor in Integrated Media Arts (18 Credit Hours)

The Minor in Integrated Media Arts comprises a uniquely interdisciplinary program that includes traditional fine and performing arts, media arts, media studies, cinema studies, art history and visual studies, and creative writing. Through the junction of analysis and practice, students will discover how media, art, film, and other forms of culture shape our lives through producing, reproducing, or resisting the cultural, political, historical, and technological systems in our society. Students enjoy maximum flexibility in choosing courses that will allow them to explore a particular area of the arts in depth or to develop a broader critical awareness of arts and culture.

The minor emphasizes the intersection of the arts and social justice, with a special focus on the importance of public art and media for a free and fair society. The focus on creative thinking, problem-solving, and innovation fosters experiential learning that will empower students to develop their imagination, integrate the arts into their everyday lives, develop powerful textual, visual, media, and digital literacies, and enter the world as creative problem-solvers.

Six Courses (a minimum of 18 credits), with two at the 300-400 level

IMA-100Imtroduction to Music3
IMA-101Introduction to Dance3
IMA-102Art History I3
IMA-103Art History II3
IMA-104Introduction to the Theater Arts3
IMA-105Photography I3
IMA-106Drawing: Line and Perspective3
IMA-108Drawing: Color and Form3
IMA-1102D Design3
IMA-123Art and Anatomy3
IMA-202Introduction to Acting3
IMA-204The Anatomy of Movement3
IMA-206Introduction to Visual Cultur3
IMA-209Musical Theater on Stage & Screen3
IMA-231Writing the Anthropocene3
IMA-232Introduction to Creative Writing3
IMA-235Digital Storytelling3
IMA-236Writing for Social Justice3
IMA-289Special Topics3
IMA-302Scriptwriting Workshop3
IMA-303Poetry Workshop3
IMA-304Fiction Workshop3
IMA-306Screening Consciousness And Mind in the Movies3
IMA-307The Human Body in Art and Society3
IMA-310Art, Activism & Resistance3
IMA-314The Art of Film3
IMA-328Art & the Everyday3
IMA-331Media and Culture3
IMA-348Themes in Film3
IMA-349Race Gender and Film3
IMA-389Special Topics0-3
IMA-401Gender and Media3
IMA-444Theatre for Social Change3
IMA-450Internship in Integrated Media Studies3

All FA minors are required to take

PHI-423Philosophy of Art3
IMA-331Media and Culture3
Total Credits6