Chemistry Minor (23 Credit Hours)

A structured minor in chemistry may be taken by students who are interested in enhancement of their credentials (especially students enrolled in majors already carrying chemistry requirements, e.g., biology).

Required Courses

CHE-101General Chemistry I3
CHE-101LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory1
CHE-102General Chemistry II3
CHE-102LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHE-219Organic Chemistry 13
CHE-219LOrganic Chemistry Lab 11
CHE-220Organic Chemistry II 13
CHE-220LOrganic Chemistry II Lab 11
CHE-303LBiochemistry Laboratory1
Total Credits20

CHE-209 and CHE-209L is also an approved pathway to a minor in chemistry replacing CHE-219 CHE-219L CHE-220 and CHE-220L. If CHE-209L is taken in place of CHE-219L and CHE-220L, you must take two additional courses from the list below instead of one. See your advisor with questions. 

Select one of the following

CHE-311Physical Chemistry I3
CHE-312Physical Chemistry II3
CHE-351Medicinal Chemistry3
CHE-401Inorganic Chemistry3
CHE-421Survey of Organometallic Chemistry3

Other courses may be taken with departmental approval.