Anatomy Minor (Minimum of 23 Credit Hours)

The anatomy minor is designed for those who want an in-depth knowledge of the human body. A more thorough knowledge of anatomy will give students that plan a career in the health sciences, research or education a solid background in the anatomical sciences.

Select one of the two introductory sequences

BIO-101Introductory Biology I4
BIO-101LIntro Bio Lab I0
BIO-102Introductory Biology II4
BIO-102LIntro Bio Lab II0
Total Credits8


BIO-107Human Anatomy & Physiology I3
BIO-107LHuman Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory1
BIO-108Human Anatomy & Physiology II3
BIO-108LHuman Anatomy & Physiology II Lab1
Total Credits8

Required courses

BIO-317Comparative Anatomy4
BIO-317LComparative Anatomy Lab0
BIO-339Human Gross Anatomy6
BIO-339LGross Anatomy Lab0
Microscopic Anatomy
and Microscopic Anatomy Lab 1
or BIO-389 Special Topics
Select one of the following:1-2
Capstone Experience
Research At DYC
Research At DYC
Total Credits15-18

Course Special Topics (BIO-389) can only be taken with permission of the chair.