Exercise and Sports Studies

Exercise and Sport Studies Minor (17 Credit Hours)

The exercise and sports studies minor is designed to assist students in developing necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in the ever-growing field of health and fitness, as well as the burgeoning field of sport and competitive athletics. For students hoping to extend a career in the allied health professions to sports and athletics, this program provides the fundamental skills and knowledge required to work with physically active populations.  

Required Courses

ESS-101Introduction to Exercise and Sports Studies3
ESS-201Principles of First Aid in Athletic Injury3
ESS-301Fitness Eval & Exercise Prescription3
ESS-270Exercise and Sports Studies Practicum3
DTC-328Nutrition for Fitness & Athletic Performance2
SOC-312Sociology of Sports and Phys Activity3
or ESS-410 Strength & Conditioning Seminar
Total Credits17