“Buffalo’s Own” Golden Griffin Battalion Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Program develops leadership skills that last a lifetime. Whether your goal is to serve as a commissioned officer in the United States Army, or simply gain valuable, hands-on leadership training that will set you apart from the rest in the civilian job market, ROTC can help you to meet and achieve that goal.

Army ROTC is a class focused on developing young leaders with the intent to commission them as officers in the United States Army, US Army National Guard, or US Army Reserves. It is a 3-credit elective course offered every semester from freshman through senior year. The course is focused on developing leadership skills, developing public speaking ability, and teaching cadets how to write in the Army style. It provides instruction on important survival skills such as first aid and land navigation, and further into the course, cadets learn small unit tactics. Upon graduation, contracted students’ commission as 2nd Lieutenants in the US Army, US Army National Guard, or US Army Reserves.

Students do not have to join the Army in order to take ROTC classes. Because the program is an elective, students can major in any program and take basic courses at the same time without making a military commitment. That being said, many students make the military commitment and find rewarding careers serving their country in various capacities all around the world.

In addition to D’Youville University, the Canisius University ROTC program trains and commissions students from Canisius University, University at Buffalo, Buffalo State, Daemen University, Hilbert College, and SUNY ECC. This program is a great opportunity for D’Youville students to participate in an elective outside their core curriculum during their freshman and sophomore year, and, if committed to commissioning in any of the three Army components, contracting as a Cadet for their junior and senior year.


Basic Course (incurring no military obligation)

MLS-101 & MLS-111 Introduction to the Army and Critical Thinking and Leadership Laboratory

MLS-102 & MLS-112 Introduction to Profession of Arms and Leadership Laboratory

MLS-201 & MLS-211 Foundations of Leadership and Leadership Laboratory

MLS-202 & MLS-212 Foundations of Tactical Leadership and Leadership Laboratory

Advanced Course (incurring military obligation) 

Student must either complete the Basic Course above or MLS 210 to enter the Advanced Course sequence.

MLS-301 & MLS-311 Adaptive Team Leadership and Advanced Leadership Laboratory

MLS-302 & MLS-312 Applied Team Leadership and Advanced Leadership Laboratory

MLS-401 & MLS-411 Mission Command and the Army Profession and Senior Leadership Laboratory

MLS-402 & MLS-412 Mission Command and the Company Grade Officer and Senior Leadership Laboratory

MLS-480 U.S. Military History

Note: Students are required to sign up and participate in Leadership Labs during the Advanced Course even though they do not receive credit for the labs. 

Course descriptions and a roadmap to graduation can be found on the Canisius University Website.


For D’Youville University students, MLS courses are cross-registered through Canisius University. D’Youville students must be, and remain, enrolled in a full-time course load (12 credit hours) at D’Youville in order to participate.

Consult with your Academic Advisor or contact the Canisius University ROTC program for more information on the cross-registration process.


ROTC offers 2-, 3-, and 4-year scholarship opportunities to participating Students. Students meeting academic and physical requirements are eligible to apply. Contracted cadets also receive a monthly cadet stipend.

Want more information about ROTC opportunities at D’Youville?

Contact Golden Griffin ROTC Program Enrollment at (716) 888-3239 or