Updated Educational Leadership Requirements.

Credits required for EdD courses50
Transfer Credits40
Total Credits90

Course Requirements for the Program

Research Core

EDL-732Advanced Statistics & Lab4
EDL-733Quantitative Research Design3
EDL-734Qualitative Research Design3
EDL-735Case Study Method and Design3
Total Credits13

Academic Core

EDL-731Doctoral Seminar3
EDL-737Inequality and Education3
EDL-738History & Future of Education Reform3
EDL-739Cultural Perspectives in Education3
Total Credits12

K-12 Professional Core (Entire core maybe waived based on prior degree course work.)

ELK-741K-12 Education Governance, Law & Policy.3
ELK-742Education Finance & Planning3
ELK-743School-Community Relations3
ELK-744Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Of Learning3
ELK-745Applied Research Practicum I3
ELK-746Applied Research Practicum II3
Total Credits18

Higher Education Professional Core (Entire core maybe waived based on prior degree course work.)

ELH-741Higher Education Governance, Law and Policy3
ELH-742Higher Education & Strategic Planning3
ELH-743Higher Education Curriculum3
ELH-744Program Evaluation and Outcomes Assessment3
ELH-745Applied Research Practicum I3
ELH-746Applied Research Practicum II3
Total Credits18
No dissertation core courses can be taken until the Comprehensive Exam has been completed successfully.

Dissertation Core

EDL-752Dissertation Proposal I3
EDL-753Dissertation Proposal II2
EDL-831Dissertation Guidance4
Total Credits9

Additional Requirements

In addition to the course work, students are also required to complete the following:

  • Present a defense of the dissertation proposal and completed dissertation. (See the dissertation handbook for a detailed presentation of the dissertation requirement.).

Physician Assistant Department Student Progress Policy Changes – Effective Spring 2023

The following policy changes will now be in effect.

  1. Students who are placed on Academic Probation will remain on probationary status for the duration of their time in the program.
  2. Students must successfully complete any required remediation on the first attempt.
  3. At the discretion of the Progress Committee, students may be required to appear before the Committee to discuss their academic status and identify contributing, mitigating, or extenuating circumstances that led to the academic performance issue.
  4. The following additional criteria will now result in a review by the Progress Committee:
    1. Failure of more than 3 exams in any single semester
    2. Failure of more than 4 exams cumulatively over the course of the program
    3. Failure of a clinical phase OSCE exam
    4. Failure of a course final exam
    5. Failure of a remediation activity
  5. After each review of a triggering event, the Progress Committee will determine the appropriate academic status for the student in question from one of the following options:
    1. No Action Taken
    2. In-House Warning (not reported to the institution or reflected on transcripts)
    3. Academic Probation
    4. Deceleration
    5. Dismissal
  6. At the discretion of the Progress Committee, the following events may result in immediate dismissal from the program on a first offense:
    1. Course failure
    2. Clinical Rotation failure
    3. Severe professionalism violations
    4. Academic honesty violations
  7. Students who are dismissed from the PA Program for any reason will not be eligible for reapplication.

In addition to the above, the following modifications to the PA department Dismissal Appeals process will be in effect beginning Spring 2023:

  1. Students who wish to appeal a dismissal decision must contact the School of Health Professions Appeals Officer, who will determine if it is an appealable decision.
  2. Students who plan to appeal an eligible dismissal decision must notify the PA Program Progress Committee and PA Department Chair in writing within 48 hours of receiving the dismissal decision. This is true for each stage of the dismissal process (committee, department chair, dean, etc.).
  3. Students who are or plan to appeal a dismissal decision are expected to continue attending and participating in all registered courses and clinical rotations during all stages of the appeals process unless expressly told otherwise by the Appeals Officer. Existing course policies on attendance, participation, assignments, and/or assessments (including but not limited to OSCEs, exams, and quizzes) will remain in full effect throughout the appeals process.