Pre-Law Minor (15 Credit Hours)

This minor provides the pre-law student with a range of courses that introduce legal thinking, acquaints the student with areas where a law background is often used and prepares the student for successful entry into and completion of law school.

Required Courses

PSC-201American Government & Economics3
PHI-204Logic and Reasoning3
Select three of the following courses, drawn from at least two of these three domains (Social Sciences, Humanities, Business): 9
SOCIAL SCIENCES Choose up to two courses in this domain
Deviance and Society
Media Literacy
Sociology of Human Rights
Topics in Law, the Person and Society
Psychology and the Legal System
Criminal Behavior
Topics in Law, the Person, and Society
HUMANITIES Choose up to two courses in this domain
Introduction to Literary Criticism
Contemporary Writers
Creat Writing II
The United States and the World
Founding the American Republic 1763-1800
Twentieth Century America 1945-Present
History of Constitutional Law
Writing for Social Justice
Ethics: Religious and Philosophical Perspectives
Social & Political Philosophy
Problems in Professional Ethics
International Relations
International Relations
International Relations
BUSINESS Choose up to two courses in this domain
Business Law I
Business Law II
Communicating in Organizations
Principles of Management
Total Credits15

The pre-law student is expected to take four writing intensive courses from the above list or in the general curriculum. The minor also includes recommendations for an LSAT (Legal Scholastic Aptitude Test) preparation course and a legal writing/research course, both offered elsewhere through continuing education. Students will be assigned a pre-law advisor with access to information on law schools and the LSAT examination.