Spanish Minor (12 Credit Hours)

The minor in Spanish is designed to give students the opportunity to acquire an intermediate or higher level of proficiency. Students who begin Spanish at D'Youville will be required to take the first two semesters of Spanish. Students exempt from elementary courses will be required to take more advanced courses at the 100- to 300-level.

Required Courses for Beginners:

SPA-102Beginner Spanish II3
or SPA-103 Transitional Beginner Spanish
or SPA-104 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPA-201Intermediate Spanish I3
Two Additional SPA Courses 16
Total Credits12

Required Course for Student Exempt from Beginner Spanish:

SPA-201Intermediate Spanish I3
Three Additional SPA Courses 19
Total Credits12

1 Additional courses should be selected from the following

SPA-121Hispanic Civilization and Culture in the U.S.3
SPA-132Latin American Civilization and Culture3
SPA-141Span Civilization & Culture3
SPA-152Spanish for the Business Professions3
SPA-153Spanish for Health Professions I3
SPA-154Spanish for Health Professions II3
SPA-189Topics in Critical Inquiry *3
SPA-202Intermediate Spanish II3
SPA-211Conversation and Composition I3
SPA-212Spanish Conversation and Composition II3
SPA-213Int Spanish,Latin Amer& Us Hispanic Lit3
SPA-222Conv Contemp Hispanic US Culture3
SPA-223Varieties of Spanish in the U.S.3
SPA-224Hispanic-US Literature3
SPA-233Conv Contemp Latin American Culture3
SPA-234Var Spa & Other Lang in Latin America3
SPA-242Spanish Conversation on Contemporary Spain3
SPA-243Language in Spain3 Health,Bus.&Other Professions O3
SPA-261Introduction to Spanish Linguistics3
SPA-262Spanish Phonology & Pronunciation3
SPA-289Special Topics *3
SPA-335Magical Realism in Latin America3
SPA-344Modern Spanish Stage3
SPA-353Translation in Health Care3
SPA-354Spanish Translation and Interpretation For Health Care3
SPA-362The Structure of Spanish3
SPA-363Advanced Spanish Grammar3
SPA-364Translation Studies & Workshop3
SPA-389Special Topics *3
SPA-400Spanish Internship3
SPA-401DYC Spanish Study Abroad Seminar3

Only one of the indicated courses may count toward the minor.