Health Services Management

Health Services Management Minor (15 Credit Hours)

This minor provides an opportunity for the development of specialized knowledge in the area of health services management (HSM). Students take courses in the foundational areas of healthcare systems including management, insurance/reimbursement, and law/policy. They then select an area of interest:

  1. population health, which provides more emphasis on the public health aspects of HSM, 
  2. healthcare information management, which provides an emphasis on the role of technology in HSM, or
  3. communication in healthcare, which provides more emphasis on the role of marketing in HSM. 

Students who may benefit from specialized knowledge in HSM include but are not limited to: public health majors interested in management of health-related organizations such as health departments, nursing majors interested in administrative career tracks, sociology majors interested in graduate work in social and preventive medicine, and business and/or management students interested in health services management.

Required Courses

HAPH-210Introduction to Healthcare Systems3
HAPH-325Management in Healthcare3
HAPH-408Health Insurance3
HAPH-410Health Care Policy and Law3
Select one of the following:3
Population Health
Communications in HC
Health Information Management
Total Credits15