Off-Campus Study

After formal matriculation at D’Youville College, students are expected to complete all coursework applicable to the degree at D’Youville College.

During the fall, spring and summer semesters in certain circumstances, off campus study may be allowed. Permission must be obtained including all required signatures on the off-campus study form prior to registering for the courses.  Only courses that are contained in the College Transfer Equivalency table will be considered. If the course does not appear in the transfer table, the student should submit a syllabus to the dean of the school in which the course is taught at D’Youville for the decision about whether the course is equivalent.

Statements of Elaboration of Policy

Conditions that might result in a request for permission for off campus study include the following:

  1. A course necessary for a student to maintain appropriate progress towards degree is not offered at D’Youville.
  2. Students who fail a course or do not meet the minimum course requirements for their major at D’Youville College may only replace the failure by passing the course here at D’Youville College. Only by special permission (Please note: Special permission cannot supersede program requirements) would a student be allowed to register for an off campus course failed at D’Youville College, according to the following conditions:
    1. Permission must be secured beforehand.
    2. Permission must be recommended by the department chair and forwarded to the dean, as appropriate for the final decision.

View the Transfer Equivalency Table for more information.

Only courses for which the grade achieved meets the criteria for transferring credit will be accepted in transfer. Students who fail an off campus course are subject to the policies and procedures outlined by their School related to remaining in Good Academic Standing.

  • Cross-References to Related Policies: All transfer credit guidelines apply. Please see the transfer credit page of this catalog.
  • The Request for Off Campus Study application form can be found here.