Challenge Examinations

Challenge examinations assess prior accomplishment of knowledge in the course to be challenged. Challenge examinations may be taken for those courses that are specifically designated by number in the core or major and have been approved for challenge by the department in which the course is offered. The following limitations will apply:

  1. A challenge examination is not a substitute for a directed study.
  2. Determination of the student’s prior knowledge and, therefore, eligibility for a challenge examination will be made by the instructor of the challenged course.
  3. No course may be challenged in which the student has had prior coursework.
  4. A challenge examination must be taken within six weeks of application for the exam.
  5. A student may challenge a course only once. The challenge examination for a laboratory course should include a laboratory component as determined by the department of the challenged course.

Credits earned by a challenge examination will be designated “Challenge Exam Credit” in the student’s transcript if the examination is passed at a level acceptable to the requirements of the student’s major course of study. Nothing will be entered in the transcript if the examination is not passed at this level. Challenge exams do not count against the total number of credits a student is allowed to take on an S/U basis. No grade points will be assigned.

Students who need more information on challenge examinations may meet with the chair of the department in which the course is taught.