Dismissal From Program

A student dismissed from an academic program may transfer into another program before the beginning of the next semester, providing the student is qualified for and accepted by the new program. In the case of immediate transfer into a new program, the student’s departmental file will be forwarded upon acceptance. Otherwise, the following policies will apply:

  • When a student is dismissed from an academic program, the chair of that program will place a statement of explanation in the student’s file detailing conditions under which the student may or may not re-apply to the program. The student’s file will be forwarded to the coordinator of the Career Discovery Program and the student will be advised.
  • The student will be required to take Career Life Planning (CDP-201) (1 credit) in the semester immediately following the dismissal from the original major in order to continue to matriculate. Upon completion of this course, students must choose a major if they have completed 45 credit hours of academic work.

If a student is unable to comply with these policies, the student may be dismissed from the college.