Change of Program

Any student who changes majors must complete a change of major form available in Solutions.

When making a formal application for a change of major, the student may request that specified courses required for the first major that the student received a D+, D, D- or F be excluded from the second major. The following conditions will prevail:

  1. Course to be excluded was required in the previous major,
  2. Course cannot be applied to core requirements except in the area of free electives,
  3. Once approved, both credit(s) and grade points will be excluded from calculation toward the second degree,
  4. Student must initiate the request in writing to the registrar.

The student may choose to keep some courses from the previous major and drop others. All courses taken remain on the student’s transcript as part of the complete record, but the courses excluded will not be added to the cumulative GPA. Students who have applied and been accepted into a new major will be assigned a new academic adviser by the chair of the new academic major.