Repeating a Course

  1. Students may opt to repeat any course once. Special permission must be obtained for a second repeat of any course; forms are available in Solutions. In each case, the original grade will be replaced by the second grade earned, whether higher or lower, when calculating the G.P.A. Students must complete and submit the appropriate form at the time of registration for a second repeat of a course. Students should take note that, if the repetition is not required by the college, New York state will not allow the credit-hours for the course to determine the minimum course load required for financial aid purposes.
  2. Students who fail a course or do not meet minimum course requirements for a department or program at D’Youville College may only replace the failure by taking/passing the course at D’Youville College. Only by special permission would a student be allowed to register off-campus for a course failed at D’Youville College according to the following conditions:
    1. Permission must be secured beforehand.
    2. Permission must be recommended by the department chair and forwarded to the dean or vice president for academic affairs if the deans position is vacant for final decision.