Graduate and professional degree students are expected to register during the periods specified in the academic calendar. Registration by mail or fax can be accomplished only through prior arrangement with the individual’s department. Graduate students must be registered during the semester in which they receive their graduate degree.

Prior to registration, the student must consult with their academic advisor. Students must obtain approval from their academic advisor to register online. At the time of registration, the student must be in compliance with New York State health laws.

Student schedules are available online in Self-Service which can be accessed through My D'Youville.

Once officially registered, the individual is responsible for payment of tuition and fees. No one will receive credit for a course unless officially registered for it.

Graduate and professional degree students must register for courses following the prerequisites. Certain courses are only offered in the spring or fall semesters. The courses are described in a separate section of this catalog, along with their prerequisites and their semester offerings.

Students may not attend a class that they are not registered for and may not "force register" by appearing in a class.