Academic Advisement

Academic advisement is provided to each enrolled graduate student directly by faculty from the student’s academic program. Throughout their years at D’Youville, students meet with their advisers to review progress in completing requirements necessary for a degree, certification, licensure and/or graduate work. Students wishing to obtain the name of an assigned academic counselor should contact the academic department, or Solutions.

Academic Adviser

All students matriculating at D’Youville College are assigned an academic adviser within their department or through the Student Success Center to help assess progress, to give direction in the program of study and to assist in the choice of courses.

Students are welcome to contact the adviser at any time during the semester. All faculty members post and observe regular office hours and are also available by appointment.

Change of Adviser

Ordinarily a student will retain the adviser assigned by the graduate program director. An individual wishing to change advisers should contact their department chair and request a new advisor. If approved, the department chair will contact Solutions and have a new advisor assigned.