Military Leave of Absence

Students who must interrupt their studies for military service due to a call up for a state/national emergency or deployment in support of military operations should contact the director of the office of veterans services on campus and supply the director with copies of his/her orders. D’Youville University is a Military Friendly Institute of Higher Learning (IHL), and as such complies with and goes beyond the requirements of all federal regulations governing the readmission requirements for service members by:

  • Readmitting the service member with the same academic status as when the student was last in attendance/ admitted (this requirement also applies to a student who was admitted to the university but did not begin attendance because of service in the uniformed services).
  • All students called to active duty as outlined above will be offered the opportunity to complete the course(s) enrolled in, for the semester that their active duty commenced, by directed study (DS) or distance learning (DL) as approved by his/her professor(s) and the appropriate dean and/or department chair. To participate in this component of the military leave policy, the affected student should complete the Student Military DS/ DL Special Request Form available in the veterans services office of the university. The student must take the form to each of his/her professors for their approval before returning the form to the veterans services office for processing.
  • Students called to active duty and/or deployed after drop/add week unable to complete their course(s) by DS or DL shall receive a grade of W for the course(s) enrolled in. Tuition/fees will be waived/refunded for those courses. Students called to active duty and/ or deployed before or during drop/ add week will have their registration deferred for that semester and will be re-registered upon return from active duty.
  • If the tuition at the university increases during the student's military leave of absence the affected student will be charged, upon his/her return, the tuition rate in effect for the school year, or portion there-of, that he/she was enrolled in when called to active duty.