Business Administration M.B.A.

MBA-604Human Resources Management3
MBA-501Business Methods Statistics3
MBA-603Financial & Management Accounting3
MBA-602Theories of Economics3
MBA-611Organizational Leadership3
MBA-612Legal Environment in Business3
MBA-615Marketing Management3
MBA-616Corporate Finance3
MBA-623Special Topics in Business Management3
MBA-624Global Supply Chain Management3
MBA-655Strategic Management3
MBA-606Operations Management3
Total Credits36

In addition to the general academic regulations, all full-time and part-time students must meet the academic regulations listed below:

  1. A student must maintain a minimum semester/summer and cumulative graduate G.P.A of at least 3.0. 
  2. Course grades below "C" do not count toward MBA graduation requirements.
  3. Any student who earns a grade below that of "C" in any required MBA/graduate course must repeat the course and earn a grade of "C" or above. Students who earn a grade below "C" in any course may repeat that course one time. Students failing to earn a grade of "C" or above in the repeated course will be academically dismissed from the MBA program. 
  4. Any student who fails to achieve a minimum semester/summer or cumulative  graduate 3.0 G.P.A. and/or who has earned more than two grades below “C” at the completion of the term (Spring, Summer, Fall), will be placed on academic probation. Students can be on probation for one term (Spring, Summer, Fall). Probation is for one full-time term. Dismissal occurs if, within the one term probation period, program requirements are not met (graduate GPA 3.0, and no more than two courses below a grade of “B”).
  5. Graduation requirements can be met if a student has a cumulative graduate G.P.A. of at least 3.0 and has no more than two required MBA/graduate courses below the grade of "B" (and at or above the grade of "C"). 
  6. Students who fail to achieve a minimum grade of "B" for more than two MBA/graduate courses will be required to repeat one or more of those courses to achieve the minimum graduation requirements of a cumulative graduate 3.0 G.P.A. and no more than two courses with grades below "B" (and at of above the grade of "C").  Students who earn a grade below "B" in any course may repeat that course one time. If a student has more than two courses below the grade of "B", repeats one or more of those courses, and fails to earn a grade of "B" or above in the repeated course/s will be academically dismissed from the program. 

Admissions Requirements

Admission requirements for applicants entering as graduate students in the MBA programs are as follows:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in business from an accredited college or university1
  2. A minimum of 3.0 G.P.A. (4.0 system) at the undergraduate level
  3. Two plus years of full-time employment experience in professional, corporate or business environment2
  4. Personal statement of purpose outlining applicant’s professional goals and objectives
  5. Two letters of recommendation from employers, professional supervisors/ colleagues, or previous professors
  6. A minimum TOEFL score of 550 for international students from non-English speaking countries

Non-business majors are welcome to apply. Students possessing undergraduate degrees in non-business majors may be required to successfully complete up to five (5) online preparatory modules by the end of the first term in the program.


Current full-time students will also be considered for acceptance.

The business department chair will conduct an individual review for discretionary admissions of applicants who do not meet one or more of the above requirements.

Applicant Process

The applicant is asked to return the application and all relevant documents to:

D’Youville University
MBA Program Office
320 Porter Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14201
Telephone: 716.829.8090 or 1.800.777-3921
Facsimile: 716.829.7660

In order for an applicant to be considered for acceptance into the MBA program, the following must be presented:

  1. Submit a completed application form with a $50 non-refundable application fee (U.S. funds).
  2. Attach a one-page statement of intent letter (should be approximately 500 words) addressing your professional goals and objectives for the intended program. The statement should include reference to past work related to the intended field of study and subsequent career objectives.
  3. Forward official academic transcripts for all colleges and universities previously attended at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to the MBA office. (Canadian/international students must also submit a copy of their high school transcript.)
  4. Submit three letters of recommendation: the recommendations should be submitted directly to the D’Youville University MBA office by the recommender. These letters may be from employers, supervisors or other persons familiar with your professional intellectual abilities.
  5. Submit a current resume to the MBA office.
  6. International/foreign students (other than Canadian) whose native language is not English must submit TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores. The program requires a minimum TOEFL score of 500 for international students.
  7. Complete a personal admissions interview (recommended for all applicants).