Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental/Pre-Veterinary/Pre-Health Advising Track

Students can be any major and be considered pre-medical, pre-dental, or pre-veterinary. However, recommended majors at D'Youville that lead into these professional schools are Biology B.S. and Biochemistry B.S. (as they already require many of the pre-requisite courses for medical/dental/veterinary school), as well as Health Humanities B.S. (which engages in the impacts of health and illness on the individual).

In addition to science courses, many medical/dental/veterinary schools stress the need for applicants with a broad humanities-based education. After consulting their advisor, students should select humanities courses such as in philosophy, ethics, and literature to contribute to their liberal arts education.

D'Youville has a Pre-Professional Committee composed of science faculty that helps prepare students to apply to medical/dental/veterinary schools. The committee provides information about these schools, guides students through the application process, performs mock interviews, and writes letters of support. This committee also guides students through the process of applying to science graduate programs. Any questions about the Pre-Professional Committee can be directed to its Chair, Dr. Justin McGraw (

Students interested in medical, dental, or veterinary school should:

  1. Talk to their academic advisor
  2. Add the appropriate specialization to their student record (e.g., pre-med)
  3. Successfully complete the courses listed on this page
  4. Adhere to advice from the Pre-Professional Committee regarding entrance exams (e.g., MCAT), courses, shadowing, etc.  

Required courses in the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental/Pre-Veterinary advising track:

BIO-101Introductory Biology I4
BIO-101LIntro Bio Lab I0
BIO-102Introductory Biology II4
BIO-102LIntro Bio Lab II0
or CHE-303 Biochemistry
BIO-303LBiochemistry Lab1
or CHE-303L Biochemistry Laboratory
CHE-101General Chemistry I3
CHE-101LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory1
CHE-102General Chemistry II3
CHE-102LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHE-219Organic Chemistry3
CHE-219LOrganic Chemistry Lab1
CHE-220Organic Chemistry II3
CHE-220LOrganic Chemistry II Lab1
or MAT-123 Introduction to Applied Statistics
PHY-101General Physics I3
or PHY-111 Introduction to Physics
PHY-101LGen Physics Lab I1
or PHY-111L Introduction to Physics Lab
PHY-102General Physics II3
or PHY-112 Introduction to Physics
PHY-102LGen Physics Lab II1
or PHY-112L Introduction to Physics Lab
ENG-111Introduction to Literature: Acad Writing 13
ENG-112Humanities Seminar 13
PSY-101General Psychology3
or PSY-204 Physiological Psychology
or PSY-205 Social Psychology
or PSY-207 Cognitive Psychology
SOC-101Principles of Sociology3

1Two ENG-XXX courses should be taken. Please see your academic advisor to see which 2 ENG courses are the best fit.

In preparation for the MCAT and DAT the following courses are strongly recommended. In addition, some schools highly recommend these courses:

BIO-107Human Anatomy & Physiology I3
BIO-107LHuman Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory1
BIO-108Human Anatomy & Physiology II3
BIO-108LHuman Anatomy & Physiology II Lab1
BIO-208LMicrobiology Lab1
MAT-125Calculus I4
• Medically related social science courses.

While these are the most common requirements for professional schools, students should research each school of interest to make sure there are no additional required or recommended courses.