Sports and Fitness Management

SFM-350  Sports Operations  (4 credits)  

Operations management focuses on administering the processed required to produce and distribute the products and services offered through a facility. The course includes event and facility/venue operations from single game to multi-day international events. This course includes a practicum with an athletics department or facility.

Course Types: Quantitative Literacy

SFM-356  Technology in Sports Management  (4 credits)  

This course provides students with strategies to collect data and convert it into meaningful information that enable sport management professionals to make decisions and create a sustainable competitive advantage. This course incorporates the use of data-driven decision making for organizational and event success.

Course Types: Technological Competency

SFM-360  Sports Law  (4 credits)  

This course emphasizes the basic principles of law to realistic sports management situations. A foundation of knowledge related specifically to sports law including business structures and legal authority, negligence, contracts, and antitrust will be addressed.

Course Types: Critical Analysis
Prerequisite(s): Take LAW-303

SFM-400  Sports and Fitness Management Capstone  (3 credits)  

This capstone course is a method of summative evaluation in which a student is given the opportunity to demonstrate integrated knowledge and growth in the major. The course will assess a student's cognitive intellectual growth in the major and also the overall academic learning experience. The course will provide an opportunity for students to integrate and apply learning from their academic career in a comprehensive manner. Students, in consultation with the course instructor, will determine a practicum experience or a sports management project to complete. Lectures will support the capstone experience.

Course Types: Written Communication