Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

HEOP-001  Leadership, Empowerment & Resilience  (0 credits)  

Preparatory course for HEOP students, designed to empower them to seek out help when necessary, to be confident and to work together to succeed.

Course Types: Learning Skills

HEOP-002  Academic Readiness Skills  (0 credits)  

This pre-collegiate course teaches students how to prepare for academic success. Topics such as time management, note taking, test taking and stress management are part of the learning experience as well as interaction with various key campus offices such as the personal counseling office, the library, student health office, financial aid, etc.

Course Types: Learning Skills

HEOP-003  Readiness for Literature  (0 credits)  

This course is designed to prepare students to critically read, analyze, and write about college level fiction as well as non-fiction literature.

Course Types: Learning Skills

HEOP-004  College Science Preparation  (0 credits)  

This course is for HEOP Pre-Freshmen students only. This course is designed to prepare these students for college level biology and chemistry.

Course Types: Natural Sciences

HEOP-005  Math Readiness  (0 credits)  

Students will gain skills in real numbers, exponents, algebraic expressions and solving for algebraic equations.

Course Types: Learning Skills