Exercise & Sports Studies Program

The exercise and sports studies (ESS) program leads to a bachelor’s of science (B.S.) degree designed to provide undergraduate students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in a variety of careers within the health professions, fitness industry and/or competitive athletics. The ESS faculty and staff are committed to offering a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for either careers in ESS or graduate degree programs.

All ESS students are provided with a major foundation of ESS-specific courses in traditional, online, and hybrid formats. ESS students must choose one of three areas of specialization that are catered to each student’s personal and professional interests.  This flexibility allows students interested in ESS to pursue careers that are both rewarding and meaningful.  As such, this path of study is consistent with the educational mission of DYC and the ESS program and provides students with an attractive pathway for undergraduate studies in an area related to exercise and sport.

The ESS department is intimately related to and builds upon the College’s rich history of health professions programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  The ESS program is intimately interconnected with health professions programs, such as physical therapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, and dietetics. An ESS minor also exists to complement other academic areas of study.