Mathematics B.A.

Program Requirements

Students within the department must maintain a minimum 2.0 G.P.A. in coursework required for their major and taken at D’Youville University. Students who fail to earn this G.P.A. will be placed on probation in the major. Probation may continue for a maximum of three consecutive semesters or a total of four non-consecutive semesters. Students who exceed these limits will be dismissed from the major. Students may appeal these decisions on academic status by submitting, in writing to the department chairperson, reasons why exceptional consideration may be justified. Additionally, students must earn a minimum grade of B- in Calculus I (MAT-125) and Calculus II (MAT-126).

Course Requirements 

Major Requirements44
General Education Requirements30
Free Electives (including remaining Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements)46
Total Credits120

Course Requirements for the Major

MAT-125Calculus I 14
MAT-126Calculus II 14
MAT-202Calculus III4
MAT-300Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning3
MAT-301Real Analysis I3
MAT-315Linear Algebra3
MAT-401Abstract Algebra I3
MAT-302Real Analysis II3
or MAT-402 Abstract Algebra II
Total Credits27

Courses require a minimum grade of B-.

Mathematics Electives (Select from the Following, Minimum 9 Credits)

MAT-302Real Analysis II3
MAT-303Foundations of Geometry I3
MAT-304Foundations of Geometry II3
MAT-310Foundations of Mathematics3
MAT-318Discrete Math3
MAT-321Differential Equations3
MAT-375Math Modeling in Biology3
MAT-389Special Topics1-3
MAT-390Special Topics1-3
MAT-402Abstract Algebra II3
MAT-404Mathematical Statistics3
MAT-407Senior Seminar I2
MAT-408Senior Seminar II2
MAT-410Number Theory3
MAT-412General Topology3
MAT-414Complex Analysis3
MAT-417Introduction to Graph Theory3
MAT-420Introduction to Linear Models3
MAT-421Design of Experiments3
MAT-424Numerical Analysis3
MAT-443Methods of Teaching Mathematics3
MAT-479Data Analysis Methods3
MAT-480Statistical Applications3

In Other Academic Areas Required for Major

Select One of the Following Two Sequences

PHY-101General Physics I3
PHY-101LGen Physics Lab I1
PHY-102General Physics II3
PHY-102LGen Physics Lab II1
Total Credits8


PHY-103Physics for Engineers3
PHY-103LPhysics for Engineers Lab 11
PHY-104Physics for Engineers II3
PHY-104LPhysics for Engineers II Lab1
Total Credits8

The B.A. in Mathematics requires a minimum high school average of 80% and a rank in the top 50% of one’s class. Transfer students are required to have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5.

Students nearly meeting these requirements will be considered for these programs by the department. Students denied immediate acceptance into the Mathematics B.S. will be accepted into the Mathematics B.A. program if they meet its requirements. These students may be promoted into the Mathematics B.S. program after they have sufficiently demonstrated competence (usually after the completion of two semesters).