Pharmaceutical Science B.S.

Major Requirements (Specific Area of Concentration) 26
Major Requirements (Other Academic Areas) 52
Liberal Arts and Science Electives42
Total Credits120

Course Requirements for the Major

In the specific areas of concentration

PPS-301Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences I2
PPS-302Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences II3
PPS-304Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms3
PPS-306Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences Practicum2
PPS-401Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences III2
PPS-402Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences IV2
PPS-403Drug Discovery and Development2
PPS-404Individualized Medicine: Informatics and Pharmacogenomics2
PPS-405Laboratory Research in the Pharmaceutical Sciences I3
PPS-406Laboratory Research in the Pharmaceutical Sciences II3
Total Credits24

In other academic areas required for the major

BIO-101Introductory Biology I4
BIO-101LIntro Bio Lab I0
BIO-102Introductory Biology II4
BIO-102LIntro Bio Lab II0
BIO-107Human Anatomy & Physiology I3
BIO-107LHuman Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory1
BIO-108Human Anatomy & Physiology II3
BIO-108LHuman Anatomy & Physiology II Lab1
CHE-101General Chemistry I3
CHE-101LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory1
CHE-102General Chemistry II3
CHE-102LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHE-219Organic Chemistry3
CHE-219LOrganic Chemistry Lab1
CHE-220Organic Chemistry II3
CHE-220LOrganic Chemistry II Lab1
MAT-123Introduction to Applied Statistics4
MAT-125Calculus I4
PHY-101General Physics I3
PHY-101LGen Physics Lab I1
PHY-112Introduction to Physics3
PHY-112LIntroduction to Physics Lab1
Introduction to Physics
and Introduction to Physics Lab 1
or PHY-102
General Physics II
and Gen Physics Lab II
Total Credits52

General Physics II (PHY-102) requires completion of Calculus II (MAT-126) as well.

Additional Core Curriculum Requirements

Required professional pharmacy program pre-requisites are shown in parentheses ( ) and/or denoted by asterisk (*).


ENG-111Introduction to Literature: Acad Writing3
ENG-112Humanities Seminar3
PHI-201Ethics in Theory & Action3
or RS-201 Religion & Social Responsibility
Total Credits9
Five courses selected from the following areas with choices made from at least three of the five areas.
LITLiterature Elective3
Fine ArtsFine Arts Elective3
PHIPhilosophy Elective3
RSReligious Studies Elective3
Foreign LanguageForeign Language Elective3
Total Credits15

Social Sciences

Four courses are required, one from each of the following areas:
SOC-101Principles of Sociology (either course accepted as a prerequisite)3
or PSY-101 General Psychology
Select one of the following:3
Comparing World Civilizations
Growth of Western Culture
American History to 1865 1
American History Since 1865
Select one of the following:3
Macroeconomics (accepted as a prerequisite)
Microeconomics (accepted as a prerequisite)
American Government & Economics
Total Credits9

Required professional pharmacy program pre-requisite

Computer Science

CSCComputer Science Elective3
Total Credits3


ElectivesFree Electives9
Total Credits9

Admissions Requirements

D'Youville selects students who are academically well-rounded and committed to meeting the challenges of a high-quality education. Students entering the BSPS program directly after high school should be prepared to enter into this competitive and rigorous mathematics and science-based degree.

Admission requirements for applicants entering as freshman are as follows:

Admission Requirements
SAT and ACT Tests are not required, but will be considered if requested by the candidate.
A high school average of at least 85 percent, or 2.85 on a 4.0 scale.
Transfer students are required to have a minimum of C or better in each of the courses for which credit is transferred.