Verification for Graduation

Responsibility for fulfilling degree requirements rests with the student. Final verification is done by the Office of the Registrar.

Each student must submit an application for graduation form to the registrar’s office to verify eligibility for graduation. This should be completed no later than Oct. 30 for students graduating in May or August of the following year. Students who expect to graduate in December should complete the verification process during the preceding spring semester. The commencement ceremony is held in May. Students are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony if all degree requirements are completed in December of the preceding year, in May or in August. A student may be eligible for August completion only if there are no more than nine credits to be completed during the summer session.

All financial obligations to D’Youville must be fulfilled before the diploma can be awarded or transcripts issued.

Note: For students in programs requiring licensure, registration or certification for entry into practice, please note that graduation from an academic program does not guarantee licensure, registration and/or certification. For additional information, refer to the degree program section of this catalog and/or contact the department chair of a specific program.

Notification of the completion of requirements other than coursework, as indicated on the “Certification of Approval of All Graduate Non-Course Requirements for Graduation” (green sheet) from the graduate studies office, must be received in the registrar’s office with all signatures no later than May 15, August 15, or December 15, or the student’s graduation date is moved to the next conferral period.