Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences Minor (Minimum of 23 Credit Hours)

This minor prepares students for continued graduate study in environmental science or to enter the workforce in government, industry, education, regulatory and consulting firms. Although this minor is not limited to chemistry and biology majors, they are likely the students that would take advantage of this opportunity. This minor will allow them to build on their interest in the environment without sacrificing the multitude of educational and career opportunities that their fundamental degrees provide.

Required Courses

Choose from the following two sequences

BIO-101Introductory Biology I4
BIO-101LIntro Bio Lab I0
BIO-102Introductory Biology II4
BIO-102LIntro Bio Lab II0
Total Credits8


BIO-303LBiochemistry Lab1
Total Credits4
BIO-230Foundations of Environmental Science4
BIO-230LFoundations of Environmental Science0
BIO-231Environmental Geology4
BIO-231LEnvironmental Geology Lab0
CHE-331Analytical Chemistry4
MNS-499Capstone Experience0-2
Total Credits12-14

One of the following (with a corresponding lab counts as one)

BIO-216Marine Biology3
BIO-218Invertebrate Zoology4
BIO-218LInvertebrate Zoology Lab0
BIO-229LEcology Lab0
BIO-314LBotany Lab0
BIO-330Environmental Microbiology4
BIO-330LEnvironmental Microbiology Lab0
BIO-331Conservation Biology4
BIO-331LConservation Biology Lab0
BIO-332Environmental Health3
BIO-389Special Topics 13
BIO-390Special Topics 13

Minimum of 23 credit hours is required.