Occupational Therapy Department

There are two occupational therapy (OT) entry-level programs; one is a five-year combined BS/MS program and the other is a three-year MS program.

The BS/MS curriculum begins with a strong liberal arts and sciences curriculum, which provides students with a general knowledge base and the opportunity to develop analytical abilities that are the foundation for excellence as an entry-level professional in OT. Students in the BS/MS program also declare and complete a structured minor.

The MS degree in OT is an entry-level degree specifically created for people who have a B.A. or B.S. degree in another area of study and who meet the admission criteria.

Throughout both the BS/MS and the MS programs, faculty provide consistent guidance and support to students to foster professional development prior to, during, and after clinical placements. Students complete six months of fieldwork (typically full-time) experiences at a variety of settings across the country. In addition to the strong academic and clinical preparation, students are expected to complete a master’s project involving research and dissemination of a Critically Appraised Topic.

A student-centered approach, in combination with the curriculum’s academic, clinical and research components, provides thorough preparation for graduates to develop leadership and service in a variety of health care, educational and community settings, and to be successful in practice.