Social Science Department

The Department of Social Sciences at D’Youville College seeks to transmit knowledge to students and members of the community in order to promote the health, welfare, interpersonal tolerance and understanding of oneself, others, the community, and the world. Students are afforded an open and intimate learning environment for developing their critical thinking and interpersonal skills, and engage in ongoing self and professional exploration. In keeping with the mission of St. Marguerite D’Youville, concern for and service to the community are strongly encouraged.

The department offers majors in psychology and sociology, and minors in psychology, sociology, and medical sociology. In our exciting new curriculum, both psychology and sociology majors complete a joint cluster of courses consisting of the Nuts and Bolts of the social sciences. These courses include an introduction to the discipline, a two-semester professional development sequence, statistics and research methods in the social sciences, and two semesters of internship or service learning and senior seminar. Majors also complete four courses each from two course clusters chosen based on professional interests and goals. While many colleges and universities offer majors in the social sciences, D’Youville College is unique in providing ongoing, personalized guidance and mentorship in establishing clear professional goals and preparing for the transition into those professions. Yes, our students acquire the foundation of knowledge needed to continue their professional path, but they also find the support required to gain immediate employment in the field, admission to graduate programs, or both!