Music (MUS)

MUS-100  Music Appreciation  (3 credits)  

This is a basic introduction to music with emphasis on elements of music and musical styles. The course seeks to develop an understanding of music as well as the levels and spheres in which music is appreciated. Offered in the fall semester.

MUS-200  Appreciation of Music  (3 credits)  

This course studies music elements, style, form and history through readings and in-depth listening. Students are taught how to listen to music and identify musical period, composer and composition style, orchestration and elements of music. A study of music in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Post-Romantic era and 20th-century jazz, rock and blues will be included in this course.

MUS-209  Intro to the American Musical Theater  (3 credits)  

This course surveys the elements of musical theater, e.g., lyrics, score, dance and design. The historical development of musical theater from opera to American stage musicals are covered.