Dance (DAN)

DAN-101  Introduction to Dance  (3 credits)  

The student is acquainted with the principles and historical aspects of the world of classical and theatrical dance and their implications for developmental movement, creative expression and educational activities.

DAN-201  Ballet  (3 credits)  

DAN-210  Introduction to Ballet  (3 credits)  

Students are acquainted with two basic methods of classical ballet, Cecchetti and Vaganova. Students learn theories of movement of the body in dance, French terminology, barre, centre floor, adage, allegro and enchainements. This course follows a graded syllabus for participation.

DAN-300  Elements of Dance Composition  (3 credits)  

Brief lectures on historical figures in dance combined with video presentations of significant choreographic works set the stage for each class topic. Exploring the basic elements of time, space and energy with structured exercises that will challenge the student to explore new directions in movement. Sharing and discussing choreographic studies will provide a stimulating experience

DAN-305  Dance Performance and Technique  (3 credits)  

This course offers students an opportunity to develop an appreciation for choreography and dance ability through practice. Emphasis will be given to refining traditional movement exercises and choreographic endeavors in ballet, modern and jazz technique

Prerequisite(s): Take DAN-300

DAN-389  Special Topics in Dance  (3 credits)