Career Discovery Program (CDP)

CDP-101  Perspectives on Professions  (2 credits)  

This course is based on the premise that choosing an appropriate major depends on self-knowledge and a knowledge of the changing world of work. It seeks to provide the student with the necessary flexibility, tools and skills to survive in a changing work environment. The course’s philosophy is that student-centered courses that provide experience in self-evaluation and discovery of career options, are integral components of the process of choosing a major. Experience and opportunities for interviewing, researching career options and academic planning are provided as part of the program in order to develop the skills necessary for selection of an appropriate career pathway. Participants meet in small groups (10 to 15), individually with their instructor and in large groups to hear professionals from selected career fields.

CDP-102  Perspectives on Professions II  (1 credits)  

The focus is on individual work and academic planning with a CDP instructor in this tutorial. There are three oneday workplace visits or an equivalent amount of career work determined by the student’sareas of career interest and based on work during the first semester coursework. Contacts for these job shadowing assignments are arranged by the coordinator of the Career Discovery Program.

Prerequisite(s): Take CDP-101

CDP-103  Perspectives on Healthcare Professions  (2 credits)  

This course is designed for students who have been admitted to the college, but have not yet declared or been accepted into a healthcare major of their choice. The course content is based on self-assessment, reflection, and the exploration of academic and career options. It introduces students to self-discovery tools and resources of information and guidance in choosing a healthcare related field.

Course Types: Social Sciences

CDP-201  Career Life Planning  (1 credits)  

A course designed for students who are dismissed from an academic major. The course will provide them with the tools and research skills in self-evaluation as well as the career options that are necessary components of selecting an appropriate academic major. This course will support the student in the discovery of personal work values, personality traits, working and thinking styles and research methods necessary for the discovery of career options. At the completion of this course, the student is expected to choose and be accepted into a new academic major.